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Harnessing the power of infrared therapy, these masks rejuvenate your complexion with precision and ease.


Light Bulbs

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54w, 18 dual laser chip, (9)red and (9) infrared lights with 360° stand and adjustable bracket. 


Tripod stand

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Enhance your infrared therapy setup with our tripod stand.

Dimensions: 6'.2" H (1.6 cm)


EnerGlow Full-Length Bio Mat

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Ideal for a couch or massage table, this mat includes photon lights for targeted pain relief and boasts a flexible, portable tri-fold design for easy storage.

Dimensions: 24" x 71" (60 x 180 cm)
Includes: 36 Photon Red Lights
Crystals: 312 Jade and 81 Tourmaline


travel size bio mat

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Perfect for slipping into a carry
on suitcase, chair, or in the car.

Dimensions: 20" x 31" (50 x 80 cm)
Includes: 18 Photon Red Lights
Crystals: 96 Jade and 30 Tourmaline